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Material Used In Russian Jewellery

Invented jewelry as an art form as a manifestation of human philosophy. Body decoration, a provision of jewelery, known at least since the stone age stage. The history of jewelry in Russia reproduces the inspiration of many philosophies and people who have committed the region in the past and the present.
The people of Russia apparently occurs jewelry metals such as copper. Crumbs includes bracelets, rings spiral, crowns and jewelry made from shells, copper pipes, and the mother of discs gemstones. In the eighth to the sixth creative periods Cimmerians BC transported back into the jewelery. And understand many parts formed too flowery and physical melodies.

Floors and lush climate of opportunity along the coast of the Black Sea and the Dniester involved Greeks long ago that the stadium could be closed. Scythians, who had come from Iran and the Cimmerians became expatriates in countries around the Black Sea around 500 BC. It flourished in the region for a long time and people were interchangeable with the Greeks. Many masterpieces marked by Greek and Scythian goldsmiths are widely known.
For the body, arms and set fabrics, they all methods of metalworking shared work at the time. These include forms, rushing, engraving, embellishments, paste stone, location and other. The menagerie of bizarre animals were all represented with a distinctive style. Stylization of images in a true understanding of complex provisions Orphic Zoom industrialized method. National methods significantly better in the prosperous times of Scythia.

Initiated in the third period, BC Celtic art entering the southern areas of the Russian land. In backwaters Roman revitalization Celtic crafts place, mainly in the form of jewelry. These junks were in the vicinity of the Black Sea and the northern edge familiar added. Another entry point for Celtic jewelry in the territory of modern Russia was the day commercial and cultural contacts with the northern tribes. Celtic art and philosophy banquet. For the British Isles, Germany and the Baltic Sea and from there to Russia

Each zone in Russia shows an effect in Celtic styles of weapons and jewelry. Russian jewelry civilizations also prejudices of other cultures. Thus, the Goths arrived in the area in front of the old 400 BC and some of them accepted methods mainly in Russian, counting and panache polychrome animal later reproduced in the Merovingian style of jewelry.

Goths left underweight Black Sea by the Huns. Asian man carrying a very different version of the polychrome style, which was marked by color piece in the merged partitions and a visit to the interlacing context model and granulation. Also during this period influenced the migration of other peoples of Asia and is affected by the culture of Russia.

Sideways with goldsmiths jewelers guilds acted in workshops distance. Masterpieces of Baroque art workshops. Stargate crumbs from hard money program table Kiev Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev This era also brought a great interest in gemstones. Masters of diamonds and faceted gemstones observation initiated.

Enamel Rings Styles and Designs

Perfect Platinum Wedding Ring

Platinum (platinum, Pt called) is a natural white metal. In addition, enter only the amount of platinum jewelry in more than 850 ‰ with exclusive platinum - platinum (platinum, platinum) or Pt

Pure, rare, eternal marriage, wedding ring platinum are the perfect tools essential are these three simple steps will help you find rings platinum wedding perfect!
Style heavy, heavier material
The selection of materials is the first step to buy a wedding ring, and not the most important. Metallic platinum famous for its pure, rare qualities eternal symbol of purity and unselfishness of true love, rare and precious, never fade, and therefore a platinum wedding band of choice for new commitment to witness Remember eternal love.
Co-selection, finish perfect for people
Because men and women in the labor-inch, hand-types are different, the proposed selection of new joint alliance should ring fit my style of hand shape and temperament: new thin fingers, you can select the ring type sophisticated simplicity, highlights the beauty of your fingers, bring the elegance, common front "skinny hand", you can create a style engraving or openwork, and should also be put in highlight the personality, temperament charming "little hand" new, sweet and sensitive, choose the smaller ring, inlaid diamond ring that best embodies the temperament innocent girl.
Lock exclusive brand to distinguish the real Platinum
Distinguish between platinum and other white metals most direct way is to look for specific signs of platinum. Accordance with the regulations, each platinum jewelry Tiffany on the inner ring or engraved on the plate exclusive symbol: platinum (platinum, platinum) or Pt and the flag of the purity of platinum (including platinum) and the thousandths platinum (platinum, platinum) 950, Pt950. Platinum card, it seems to provide assurance of quality. So before you buy ever forget the "little tricks" to ensure that the land acquisition and platinum ring.
Platinum Tips
K platinum and white gold is a metal very different

K white gold, white gold English is the main component of the gold because, after the addition of other metals with a white, it is gold and other metals in the mixture. Instead of platinum (Platinum)
Exclusive lock icon to identify platinum
Distinguish between platinum and other white metals most direct way is to look for specific signs of platinum. Accordance with the regulations, each platinum jewelry on the rear or inner ring are engraved on the plate exclusive symbol: platinum (platinum, platinum) or Pt and the flag of the purity of platinum (including platinum) as mils platinum (platinum, platinum) 950, Pt950. While platinum jewelry on the label must be marked in Chinese, for example, 950 platinum or platinum (Pt) 950 Platinum Identify specific logo can assure you the quality of platinum.

Jewellery Storage Ideas

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