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Care and Cleansing of Therapeutic Gemstones

Like all expressions of life, gemstones need and deserve care to preserve its vitality. As therapeutic gemstones help release energy blockages and impurities, some of these released energies cling to the surface of the gemstones. These disharmonious energies accumulate rapidly, inhibiting the ability of gemstones to work at full capacity. Regular cleaning removes these energies and restore jewelry to its vibrant natural state. Several minutes managed care regularly maintain the vital and willing to help us take the next step in the growth and healing therapeutic gemstones. 

Gemstones Primary Care Guidelines 
When a therapeutic gemstone necklace is used regularly, cleanse at least two or three times a week with one of the four methods described below: Rinse Water, salt bed, floor resurfacing, or sunbathing. 

When not in use, store cleaned gemstones in a drawer, covered container or roll jewelry. 

Handle all therapeutic gemstones carefully. Some are particularly fragile, as Purple Rainbow Fluorite, Malachite, Mother of Pearl and Rhodochrosite. They naturally break, scratch, and chip more easily than other gemstones. 

Practices to Avoid 
Avoid storing gemstones near strong electromagnetic fields such as those emitted by televisions and computers, which can disrupt the energies of gemstones. 

Avoid exposure to the beautiful X-rays, and the dentist in a hospital or in an airport security checkpoint stones. X-rays are absorbed by the gems and released later in the aura of the user. 

Avoid using gemstones in chlorinated pools or hot tubs. Chlorine adversely affects the surface of certain gems. 

Avoid smoking and using synthetic perfume to use therapeutic gemstones especially porous stones. Vapors may interfere with the free flow of energy of a gemstone. 

To protect the longevity of the Subject 
Avoid wearing necklaces over 20 inches to bed. Instead, put them within 3 feet of you. 

During intense physical activity, remove his collar and place it in a secure pocket. 

In general, make sure that the thread is completely dry before using or storing a necklace. 

Gemstones Cleaning methods 
Any of the four methods described below therapeutic gemstones can clean the disharmonious energies that tend to accumulate during use. For certain gemstones, some methods are more appropriate than others; These special considerations are noted when necessary. 
Rinse water two or three times a week, or more often as needed 
Rinse gemstones in the water gently washes away many of the gems accumulated energy. Keep all low collar alternating hot and cold water for about 60 seconds. To ensure that the water is not too hot, test the temperature with your fingers; if the water is too hot for your fingers, it may be too hot for gems. 
Special Considerations: Wash will dull the luster of Rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli, malachite, sodalight, Indigo, and mother of pearl. Therefore, other methods of cleaning these gems. 
Every three or four weeks: for gemstones tolerant rinse occasionally use a small amount of mild, non-synthetic to remove body oils from the surface of the gemstones.
Sal Bed Two to three times a week, or more often as needed 
Inharmonious salt absorbs energy that accumulates in the area of ​​therapeutic gemstones. Place the gemstones in about half an inch of salt in a bowl for at least an hour or overnight. Put the salt back about every two weeks. 
Oceanstones: To clean collars contain oceanstones (Biwa pearl or coral), use sea salt instead of table salt. Another option is to soak a Oceanstone necklace in a solution of two tablespoons of sea salt per half cup of cold water. First place the flat side of the collar in a bowl. Add water and sprinkle salt on it. Some of the salt may settle in the gems before dissolving, help the cleaning process. Soak for 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse briefly gems with clean water before patting dry. 
Plant Rejuvenation Two to three times a week, or more often as needed 
Plants generate a field of living energy that can absorb and transform the disharmonious energies liberated. Wrap a necklace of precious stones around the base of a healthy indoor plant, or set the collar on its branches. For a more thorough cleaning and rejuvenation, gemstones placed outdoors in branches, or under a bush or tree for several days. 
Sunbathing every one or two weeks, or more often as needed 
Sol clears, energizes and revitalizes therapeutic gemstones. Unless gems are sensitive to water, first rinse as described above. Then place the gems in direct sunlight for 10 to 20 minutes. Ideally expose the gems to the sun directly, not through a glass pane. If possible, put the gems directly on the ground, grass or branches of a plant. Avoid excessive sun exposure. 

Special Treats 
For a particularly deep cleaning and refreshing, you can use either of the following methods with any gemstone to a water rinse is appropriate: 

Streaming water 
You can provide a necklace of precious stones with a powerful cleaning and rejuvenation through the holding or placing it in a natural stream or brook or gentle sea waves for up to 20 minutes. Be sure to attach the gems properly, so as not to lose them in moving water. 

Rain bath 
Placing stones on the grass during a rain for several hours or overnight also clean and refresh them.
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