Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gemstones as Birthstones

Gemstones are common in jewellery, and usually used in different kind of rings. Every gemstone have different characteristics, gemstones are further classified as birthstone as well. Here birthstone for each month of the year and each has its own meaning.
January - Garnet
The gem of trust and truth, protects from poison, help to stop bleeding, heal sickness of the blood and infections.

February - Amethyst,
Evil thoughts prevention, Aids in battle, helps hunters to catch animals, and helps the owner be excellent in business.

March - Aquamarine
 It gives the wearer courage, foresight and courage. Seamen used aquamarine to gemstones to keep them safe and to prevent seasickness.
April - Diamond
Symbol of strength, Invincibility and Courage. It is the gift of love.

May - Emerald
Makes eyesight Sharpen of wearer, opens mind. Good for Travelers to used them as protection against the hazards of long trips. Green color is said to provide the power to predict the future.

June - Pearl
Pearls increase the power of love, protection, money and luck. It is believed pearls provide wisdom through experience and protect children from harm.

July - Ruby
Its red color is associated to sex, strength, passion, health, physical energy, courage, and protection. It is related with birth, blood, and death.

August - Peridot
Peridot bring the good luck to wearer, success and peace. Its powers include fitness, protection, and good sleep. It attracts love, avoid irritation, eases anxiety and harmful emotions

September - Saphire
Spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. It is said to helps in the healing of rheumatism, colic and rational illness

October - Opal
Enhance inner beauty, faithfulness, and eyesight. It also aids in identification past lives.

November - Yellow Topaz
Heals both physical and mental illnesses and prevent death.  Also aids the kidneys, digestive tract liver, heart, and muscles. It promotes creativeness, personal clearness and eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

December - Blue Topaz
It attracts success, money and love. It gives courage, protection, healing, friendship, and luck. It eases the mind.


  1. my birthstone is peridot, and now i know wat it'll bring me in life. thank u

  2. my birthstone is a aquamarine but i want love a lot of love

  3. now i know what my birthstone is.Pearl.

  4. My mom is so happy because her birthstone is ruby.

  5. knowing that my birthstone is emerald, has opened my inner eye. now i wish to close it, for the visions have begun to get to strong for me.

  6. i love topaz.... its true

  7. jomama saw this

  8. god made me special cause i am all of the

  9. My birthstone fit me to the T! !!!""""thanks

  10. That was so freaking awesome. I totally see the light; my brith stone is Jesus now. Love and peace to all.

  11. I love my birthstone......its saffire,i think it fits me perfect becuse thats the way god made me...not saying that anyone it perfect but that stone says something and i can tell what it is is saying that god is with me and i should never take advantage of that.....

  12. We have birthstones for every month and we love them all!


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