Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sterling Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Do not leave your beloved jewelry sitting in a drawer, just because it's too dirty or because you do it before he forgot to remove the hot tub or pool. Sterling silver can turn all black or gold when they come into contact with the chemicals in the water in these institutions. Products such as bleach and nail polish is also a terrible effect on your sterling silver jewelry. But it is not over for parts, because they can be easily cleaned.

Many cleaning techniques and products currently on the market, not in your nearest jewelry store rush. They effectively clean your jewelry and it can be a good solution will pay if you do not mind or do not really want to face.

Many cleaning products are sold in regular stores you just put the jewelry in a small container filled with a special cleaning solution, close and shake him a little. It works great and will not spoil the material or stones, but it can also antique look, used to have. Many jewelers add a solution for the blackening of the jewelry, there is an antique look by turning the black invasion, and it shows all the details of the game much better.

Cleaning wipes are a good alternative, just rub the jewelry and it will be nice and clean again. It may take longer, but gives good results. The only problem is that you may not be able, in some places, depending on how to rub the piece. If your jewelry is just a little dirty, this technique is the best, it is updated, the clean look, and you'll be surprised at how it works. Many different types of cloth available, is the biggest seller on the market in the Sunshine polishing cloth. These cloths are doing with special chemical cleansing agents, the wonders impregnated.

I was raised on the use of ultrasonic cleaners in many new shops, so I bought one myself to try. First, I must never say anything to your jewelry with precious or semiprecious stones in such a garment. It will ruin him. In addition, many of these garments a sprinkler timer. Personally it's not on the parts that I've tried to work on. He had a small effect, but I had to continue up to the point where it was an absurdity to activate. So I would not recommend wasting your money, it may be ok for cleaning, but are not jewelry.

I prefer the technique is not suitable if you have some personal pieces of jewelry. Cups are like jewelry cleaners big it is unbeatable.

If you want to do it yourself, remember, the gems and cameos Turquoise & Howlite before removing the jewelry in the cups. There are two types of cups, rotation and vibration both plans must be made of stainless steel in the canon of work. The plans are jewelry shops for about twenty dollars per pound to deliver. The rotating cup with a capacity of 3 pounds will need about 1 pound shots under normal vibratory tumbler will need about 3-4.

Work clothes at the same time very well just add the shots of stainless steel, start a little water, a little regular dish soap and jewelry in the barrel and the machine. Regular cleaning with a rotating drum will take about 24 hours, while the oscillations, only a few hours. Another disadvantage of rotating the trigger, you need to load and close the running every time when the vibration is an open drum so you can just pick up and cast your free jewelry. In addition, the swinging glass containing a larger volume of jewelry at once. However, rotating drums are interesting because they are much cheaper and make much less noise will be.

You want your jewelry as much as possible to clean? Good idea, you can take care to avoid direct contact with ammonia, bleach, nail polish, alcohol and other harsh cleaning agents. It is best to always remove your jewelry before cleaning, swimming pools or spas will, painting, driving movement of heavy furniture, sports, so you do not brake or dirty. So if you're not wearing your jewelry store in a Ziploc type bag is the reason that sterling silver oxidized with oxygen in contact, which is black over time ..


  1. Using metal lubricants could help in cleaning your silver pieces of jewelry. They easily take away dark stains and tarnishes.

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