Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Diamond Engagement Ring Care

Engagement ring is a precious symbol of your eternal love. Something you wear every day no matter what you do. And for this reason, your engagement ring can be exposed to harsh chemicals and activities. While diamonds are the hardest gem, they can be damaged if you're not careful. Learn to take care of your diamond ring, it really is for eternity.

Thanks to your daily activities, your engagement ring can get smudged and soiled. Also
If you take them off when you can take a shower and clean, they collect dust. Soaps, lotions, and our natural skin oils can cause film and grime that can dull the brilliance of your diamond engagement ring.

To keep your diamonds sparkling and new research, you should clean it regularly. Regular cleaning will ensure that the maximum amount of light, the stones can break the ardent glow. To clean your diamond, you can use a small brush - is quite an eyebrow brush. You do not really need special chemicals, just make a bowl with soap and water with soap or mild detergent and place your engagement ring to soak in water. After a few minutes (or more if it's really caked with dirt and grime), take the soft bristle brush and rub the diamond in the liquor.

Rinse thoroughly to remove any foam soap engagement ring. Do not keep it in the fingers under water or are you perhaps in the drain outside to look for your ring! You can put the ring in a small colander and run across the water to ensure that all soap is washed. Finally, take a lint-free cloth and dry the ring jewelers.

If your diamonds are really dirty, you may need something a little stronger than soap and water. In this case, try a mixture of half water and half ammonia. You can soak the diamond ring for 30 minutes. Then brush with a soft brush. Rinse and dry as recommended above.

You can also jewelry cleaning kits in almost all department stores. These kits have everything you need - the solution and brush and are quite comfortable, because they store and use them again and again. Read the label to see if the kit is OK to use on your diamond engagement ring.

If you really want a diamond super clean, you can try an ultrasonic cleaning machine. These machines use high frequencies to create a cleaning motion. Each machine is different, but to read the instructions before using.

Caring for your engagement ring it is not just cleaning, there is a degree of care to bring with you. Make sure you take your diamond ring to a jeweler once a year. Ask them to check the pins and fasteners and make necessary repairs. This may be your diamonds come from the environment and not to prevent loss.

If you do not wear your engagement ring or if the stones have become loose, it must be stored in aa tissue lined casket or a box of jewelry, they can be separated from your other jewelry. Ideally, each room has its own specialist. This will keep the diamonds in your engagement ring from scratching and your diamond from scratching other jewelry.

To ensure the best care for your diamond engagement ring, remove it from the physical work. Although diamonds are a very hard stone, it can easily chipped and scratched. Also, do not let your diamond come into contact with bleach for cleaning, parameters and materials can cause damage. These cleaners can even change the color of your institution or the diamond itself!

Engagement ring is one of your proudest possession and it is important to make it shiny and sparkling. The preferred method of cleaning is to you, but between cleanings try not to touch the diamonds with your fingers. This will contribute to its radiance and brilliance for longer periods between cleanings.


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  2. Soaps, lotions, and our natural skin oils can cause engagement rings film and grime that can dull the brilliance of your diamond engagement ring.


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