Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How to Organize Earrings

When I was younger, I used the fabulous collection of earrings, all my friends to have. Everyone says so. Large pieces will shine bright, impertinent, I had them all. Loved the earrings. They are the perfect accessory to dress up even the most casual outfits. But then in the middle of last year, I found myself wearing the same three or four pairs of earrings, again and again and again. It was because I never could find all my earrings in the morning before I went to work! I was always one of them, but found the game was just too much time when I was late, so I just threw on the next pair and the left. That's when I realized that I needed to organize my earrings. And you can too. It's easy!
What you need
How to organize your earrings, you need an organizational system. Some people like to use the earring trees or other appropriate measures, such as a statue figures. However, if you're like me and too many earrings for a single earring tree, you need something a little bigger. I opted for a tray of a mesh stackable local store, but you can do everything that is mesh and large enough to keep using all your earrings. Networks or even old pieces of lace work well, as long as they are being monitored. You also need your choice of hooks, wall adhesive, or place your buck Organizer.

What to do
First, you should, by starting your earrings and put them in pairs. Sit down at a large table or on the floor, empty all your earrings and go! Put them together in pairs. If there are earrings, you can not find a partner who can put it aside in a special box in the case of the latter shows unexpectedly. In addition, there might be a good time to repair to any damaged or earrings earrings gift that you no longer want to charity renowned.

Then you take your power "organizer". Start by all earrings with little messages on the network. Be sure they are secured by stitching through the mesh of the position, then secure the back of the earring to the post. Pair of earrings hang side by side. Then hang the earrings hanging on the network by hook or messages through the network and secure the rear post, if necessary. Remember to hang enough space for the ear rings and not leave scratches on the other. Earrings secured, hang on the side so as not to turn the tires. Earrings Earrings can be hung on the ground, so that the levers are closed.

If your earrings by color or shape, do not want to arrange the size, is a great idea, too. In this way, you're sure to find the earrings you immediately.

Once all of your earrings are on the mesh, you can hang your jewelry on the wall with a selection of wall brackets or glue. If you're not a fan of holes in your walls or tear the paint or wallpaper, you can buy one or want to stand on your organizer earring bears against the tendency, everywhere you are.

This is not only a great way to organize your earrings, make sure you never lose another pair of new is a fantastic way to add luster to your wall!

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