Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Jewelry Making - Choosing the Right Pearl

Jewelry making can be fun and rewarding. To choose with so many precious stones, pearls, shells and crystals, manufacturers can create many unique designs of jewelry. Among the many decisions pearl the pearl is very popular. Pearls elegance and a nice gesture, every piece of jewelry. With so many types of pearls available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. There are two main types of beads, which are widely used to make jewelry. Freshwater and saltwater pearls, both offer an inexpensive way to dress jewelry.

Freshwater pearls offer a variety
Freshwater pearls are cultured from mussels in salt water instead of bodies such as lakes and rivers. You are not by nature, how to make shells beads are processed by the insertion of a core of pearl beads. In the early 19th Century, the United States the main source of freshwater pearls. Due to overfishing, it is no longer the case. Today is the biggest producer in China, which has its 13th harvest since Century.

Properties of freshwater pearls
  • Available in a variety of forms
  • Available in various colors
  • Sustained
  • Inexpensive
  • Popular with jewelry makers
  • The average sizes of 4 mm to 10 mm
Salt water pearls provides elegance
Salt water pearls from oysters grown live in a salty environment. These beads are similar through a process of manipulation, such as the freshwater-cultured pearls. The oyster can only grow a pearl at a time, so that they are more expensive than freshwater pearls.

  • Smooth
  • Round
  • Glossy surface
  • Lustre moderate
  • The color is usually white or pale

The three main types of saltwater Akoya pearls, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are. Akoya pearls are the most popular type of pearl. They are almost perfectly round in size from 2 mm to 11 mm. They are white or cream with accents of pink, blue or green.

Tahitian pearls are one of the largest pearls. Sizes range from 9mm to 16mm.They come mainly in black, but they can also be silver or graphite with accents of blue, purple or green.

South Sea pearls are the rarest types of pearls popular. The average size is 13 mm, but they can be found in sizes from 8 mm to 20 mm. These beads have a satin luster and are available in different colors. The most popular colors are white, silver and gold, as these colors are rare in other types of pearls.

The types of beads above are just the beginning. There are many different types of pearls falling in fresh and salt water categories. They all offer a unique look with different shapes, sizes and colors.

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