Saturday, 1 October 2011

Choosing Pearl Necklace

Types of pearls are natural pearls, cultured pearls and imitation pearls. Most of the pearls you find in a jewelry store to be grown, such as natural pearls are very rare. Natural pearls and cultured can be in freshwater and saltwater pearls are divided. You can be white or other such as pink, green, black or even purple. A pearl of nature takes place when an oyster or mussel determines layers of nacre and pearls for more than a nuisance, like a grain of sand. With a cultured pearl oysters an irritant that causes the animal to define a layer of nacre inserted. Imitation pearls can be filled with hollow glass beads with wax or glass beads, plastic or mother of pearl are made.

Determines the Price of Pearl
The shape of a pearl largely determines the cost. Perfectly round pearls are the most valuable, but some pearls are not round. The beads can be round, flattened a little, drop-shaped, oval or semi-baroque, which means they can pear-shaped, teardrop, oval or button shaped. Genuine baroque pearls are irregularly. The size of a pearl of nature is grain, which was about a quarter of a carat.

Necklace Chains and Clasps
The length of the chain is taken into account when deciding on the price. The length of the pearl necklaces are approximately:

The neck, which is about 14 to 16 inches long, length princess, the 16 - to 20 inches long, in the morning, the 20 - to 26 inches long, 28-length opera - to 36 - inches long and a rope that is 40 inches or more. A necklace can also be a flap that is three or more strands of pearls graduated with the longest strand does not exceed 26 inches in length, or length of the morning. The necklace is pearl necklaces with a single lock instead. The twist is a string of beads by twisting the strands around each other makes. A single strand of pearls is the same size and slightly graduated, where the beads are available in different sizes, with the greatest pearl in the middle of the chain. Diploma strands are generally less expensive than single pearl necklaces.

Types of metal supports, also factor in the price. Some have long strings of pearls "clips secret", where the chain can be disassembled to form smaller chains or bracelets. Based on these brackets next to the statement may be something, like jeweler fiddling with the brackets can break the chain .
Try and Buy

A client can test whether a pearl is real. Easily on a pearl comb teeth is a way for a real pearl is rough around the teeth, and an imitation pearl is smooth. A jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass may be used when the surface of the pearl is grainy, it is probably wrong, and if it has scaly lines are probably genuine.

There is no standardized grading for pearls, so that the best way to store a string of pearls to compare prices and see a lot of necklaces. It is also good to establish a relationship with a jeweler and remember that if a sales pitch sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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