Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The choice of Corals Bracelet:

Corals are considered to be one of the most beautiful gems. They have been used for centuries in accent jewelries because of their natural and elegant beauty. Persians and Indians were the first to use corals as jewelries.
Corals can be divided as natural or cultured. Both are grown in oysters or mollusks. Oysters grow natural corals accidentally, as nacre is deposited around any foreign material that has entered its shells. Cultured corals are also grown in oysters but the growth is initiated by men. Natural corals are rarer and more expensive than cultured corals.
Natural and cultured corals can further be classified into freshwater or saltwater corals, those coming from the sea which much costly.

Corals are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. The value of these corals depends on these qualities so care in choosing the corals should be taken seriously.
The timeless beauty of corals makes them appropriate for bracelet creations. But how do you choose the perfect coral bracelet for you?

If you willing to buy coral bracelet online, make sure you have done plenty of research on the different legitimate companies which advertise corals. Know the company background and return policies. Note down the address or contact number in case a problem arises.
After chosen the company, view all their designs. The latest trend in bracelet design is the contemporary coral bracelet which could be any of the following.

These bracelets are combined with diverse metal clasps and chains to make them fashionable. Strands with different colors of corals may be twisted to make an interesting combination bracelet. Some strands of corals may also be contrasted with sterling silver to make it unique.

The decorative clasps could provide as the design in itself. Yellow gold beads could alternate with corals to create a contrasting result. Pretty charms could hang from the bracelet to include some appeal. One more possible combination would be a series of corals followed by a silver chain.

Semi-precious gems or even diamonds can be combined with corals making your bracelet even more precious. The different colors of other gems make an otherwise simple string of plain white corals look very appealing. The same attention-grabbing effect can be seen when contrasting colors of corals are joint together.
White glass corals would look astonishing if combined with Swarovski crystals. The eye-catching combination is a must-have for a coral collector.
They are typically sold by carat weight. Most natural corals on today's market are vintage corals.
Another factor to consider is the weight of the corals. Natural corals are measured in carats and cultured corals are measured in millimeters of their diameters.
Look for coral knots between the corals in the strings. These knots serve to separate the corals from one another so that abrasion is avoided.

After purchase of your dream coral bracelet, some factors are considered when caring for it. Always reminded the lime content of the corals can react with human perspiration that can lead to cracks.

Wear your coral bracelet after you have sprit on your perfume or lotion, not before. After taking it off, wipe it clean with a soft cloth that is lint-free, dry or a little damp. If you wipe it with a damp cloth, be sure to dry the corals before storing them. Water is used to damp the cloth and not anything harsh like ammonia or strong detergents.

To avoid scratching, it is significant that coral bracelets are kept alone from other jewelries. A soft chamois bag may be a good place to keep it in. Periodic stringing of your bracelet should be done to avoid any unstringing in case the silk or cord is damaged.

Corals are simple but very stylish. It is suitable in any occasion, casual or formal. Buying the perfect string of corals for that delicate wrist is just so important. Pamper yourself and purchase that bracelet that will definitely stay in fashion during your lifetime.

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