Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What is Gold Carats

Karat is a measure of the purity of gold, as opposed to "carat" is used to measure the size of the gemstones. United States, the gold content is measured in carats, 24 carat pure gold. European countries use a three-digit number to the rank of finesse with 999 or 24 carat gold as pure.

Different colors can be used under certain metals in the alloy. Red Gold is a blend of gold and copper, gold, a mixture of white gold and platinum or palladium, gold and purple, a mixture of gold and gold aluminum increases a mixture of gold, copper and silver.
10 karat gold is 10/24ths or 41.67%. It is often alloyed with silver, nickel and copper. Nothing less than 10K can be marked or sold as gold jewelry in the U.S., but 8k and 9k is common in other countries. In Europe, stamped 10k 417th

14-karat gold is the most common variety sold in the U.S. because it is durable and perfect for jewelry making. It is generally with copper, nickel and silver. Copper Gold is a yellow color, while zinc and silver, gold is a whiter color. The disadvantage of 14-karat gold is that it tends to lose its luster, and should be cleaned regularly. It is 14/24ths, or gold is 58.33%. The European counterpart is 583rd

18 karat gold, also very good for jewelery, gold is 18/24ths, or 75%. It has more luster of 14 karat gold. In Europe, where 18 carat gold is the most popular designation 750th It is with copper, silver, nickel, palladium or a mixture of one or more of these metals. Available in 14-karat gold, 18 carat gold is prone to tarnishing and should be cleaned to restore its luster.

22K gold is mainly used for jewelry or collectibles special because it is softer than lower carat gold and more susceptible to scratches and wear. It is 22/24ths or 91.66% gold, and 917 in Europe. It is often alloyed with silver, copper and zinc.

24 carat pure gold. The jewelry is usually not made of pure gold, as it is soft and easily damaged. Gold bullion coins and some are made of 24 karat gold. If you buy gold bars, the bar will be stamped with `999.9, if the United States" if it is 24k and `European '.


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