Friday, 12 October 2012

Indian Bride Preparation

Every wedding is unique and special for the bride. It is a day that all girls and eagerly awaits the day when she wants to look nothing less than perfect.
Can literally countless ceremonies, meetings with parents, and many other activities that will make the bride often forget some things that should not be doing it. Do you have a list in hand to remember things much easier. Here's a list of what you will find will be useful for your special day -

1.Wedding Dress - Make sure your wedding dress is finished and packaged in a plastic bag or in a safe place out of reach of children. Check the dress each morning, so that repairs can be as required by the evening.
2.Wedding Jewelry - Bridal jewelry is usually customized and often very expensive. You should always make sure it locked in a safe and check once every 3-4 hours on your wedding day. Moreover, it is immediately in the morning. For missing stones or anything that requires the minor repairs
3.Footwear - Check your shoes and keep them in a cabinet out of reach of children. It would be desirable if you want to keep your shoes with your wedding dress.
4.Make-up Kit - Make sure you have your own makeup kit ready and in a place where no one can access or can use. Maybe you need to touch, even after your bridal makeup. Who should sweat a lot tend not to be overlooked, dass
5.Bridal makeup - Today, many beauty salons bridal make-up packages range from a few thousand to a few hundred thousands of rupees. Be sure to call your home immediately in the morning and confirm your order and the time you need. Also do not expect the latter, you will receive your 'mehendi' is.
6.Safety-pins - Many people consider it a source quite enough to be put in a checklist. But choose the most brides still a "lehenga 'or heavy" Sari "to wear for her wedding. And the weight of this" lehengas "or" Saris "is usually expressed in kilograms. This heavy clothing can be in place safety pins be held.
7.Diet - Eat your normal diet the day of your wedding. Do not skip meals, it will cause your blood sugar to appear in the blood. It will be a long day and you need to see him go a lot of energy.
8.Water resistant - Drink plenty of water and liquids. Lack of water can often appear on your face and once on the stage, you'll probably want to avoid. In addition, fluids help keep your saddle okay and avoid discomfort during the evening.
9.Exercise - This is something you should really avoid it on your special day. Avoid any kind of effort you can save your energy and ceremonies.
10.Smile - Forgot Most brides on their wedding day. They are emotionally overloaded, so much so that they often forget to keep a smile on their special day. It's a day every girl dreams of, and you would not even clicked on one of your photos in a sad mood or bad. So do not forget to bring a smile.

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  1. These are really usuful information indeed. Thanks again.


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