Sunday, 24 February 2013

Gemstone Buying Guide

You have decided that big step in your head and you can ask your beloved wife, scary business. The next thing to do now is to get this engagement ring. So you have a little inside knowledge. Ultimately, you have decided to buy the special lady in your life a diamond engagement rings, the council may be the right decision for you and your cause your loved ones. They do not make these errors, or you can pay a dear price. You will spend a considerable amount of money and prepare to leave for a month in rake to move at least. But you have in your mind that you are buying a symbol that will be the most iconic and important to everyday life and a symbol of your love for your partner.

 It is a general rule that is adopted and adapted to all corners of the world. Follow these kinds of rules and avoid disappointment. Let me first give you a little lesson on what are diamonds. The diamonds are approximately 99.95% of crystallized carbon and held its place in the world for a long time for one or two decades, billions in fact. These types of diamonds are the hardest substances formation of deposits occur below the surface, which are produced from volcanic vents. To start diamond layers from volcanoes plumbing and shape gravel, which can be degraded by human activity. Diamonds are rare, since with this method. Sites can only in certain areas in depth is your world. Natural diamond is in a rough spot, and will be delivered to you for cutting centers in which they are trained and ready before they put directly into jewelry. If the brightness shining beauty proves to be the reason why the diamond is the best friend of women. Now you can determine what you buy, where it comes from and have a good knowledge of what are diamonds, now we look at what kind of gems are available and what you need to look out for. 

There are 4 C, which should look for clarity, carat, color and lower. They must also be taken into account when. For an engagement ring What really determines what is a diamond appears determined by how its cut. Something that could not really focus too much on the clarity of the gemstone. If you are a new jewelers loupe, magnifier you a humble, that's what they want to see launch a major inclusion could be seen, they are also called natural fingerprints. These small clouds appear bleached and hidden to the naked eye. These features make the stone is unique and should not be considered an error. Jewelers remain attached with clarity, but why. Worry about something you've never seen There are 3 levels of SI1 contains something more expensive SI, and worst of all I3 imperfect. The expensive diamonds by carat weight 02gm tested with a carat and 200mgm. Most diamonds in wedding rings have a one carat and half a carat. The rarest color for each diamond, believe it or do not know which is colorless. This type of diamond obtained absolutely colorless and get a new qualification D. Diamond level Z. have a unique color palette and rarely positive and they are known as decisions. How to load your diamond? This is where we start to panic. You've probably heard by whispers that men must pay a minimum of 1 or 2 months salary, which must be spent on a diamond stone. This could be the diamond industry to spread. Whether it's a massive purchase to see. Something can be sure that if you can not buy the engagement ring is the right kind of being lost almost everything. A strategy to adhere not surprised by your ex with a ring, and not something that you think they might, I importance that the word can buy.

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