Thursday, 4 April 2013

Facts about Bridal Pearls

  • In the early 20th Century were as much a jewel bridal pearls in the United States than diamonds are today.
  • The pearl is a symbol of unblemished perfection since ancient times.
  • Pearls are the oldest known gems, and for centuries it was considered the most valuable of all.
  • They are ideal wedding jewelry because they symbolize purity and innocence.
  • Transmission from mother to daughter, grandmother her granddaughters and nieces aunts can pearls, goes back generations and symbolize a girl from the past, present and future. Beads of a woman to become a symbol of growing into adulthood and his new role with a family.
  • The "wedding gem" should be part of the wedding experience that contribute to marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides would both grieve.
  • No other gemstone can make your skin tone and accentuate your femininity with our exquisite handmade designed pieces of natural precious stones.
  • Pearls are timeless - stay beautiful and add a touch of elegance. They are a good investment because you can use them on other occasions.
  • They remember not to wear your pearls when applying cosmetics, hair spray or perfume. The chemicals and acids in these products damage the pearl.
  • According to store the ceremony and the wedding party bridal your precious pearls away from heat sources and sunlight. Use a cloth pouch or jewelry bag to store your pearls as it protects from scratches. Wrap the pearls in a soft material is just as good. Once saved, you take them out from time to time gives them exposure to moisture or humidity.
Remember: Often the father of the bride or the groom gives the gift of pearls. Many brides give their bridesmaids pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings as well.

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